Don’t Run From Who You Are: Writing Advice From George Saunders & Cheryl Strayed

Strayed and Saunders

This year, I had the honor and privilege of meeting two of my biggest literary heroes, George Saunders and Cheryl Strayed. In the unfortunate instance you aren’t already familiar, George Saunders is a renowned short story writer, whose recent book Tenth of December was hailed as “The Best Book You’ll Read This Year” by the New York Times; and Cheryl Strayed is the author of the best-selling memoir Wild, and provider of the wise words of “Dear Sugar,” a fanatically followed advice column on, recently compiled into the book Tiny Beautiful Things.

Both of them talked about how their writing careers got started, and what it takes to be a great writer. I was so touched, inspired, and encouraged by their words, that I knew I had to share with everyone (fellow aspiring writers especially). That article is finally here, new on Thought Catalog.