Why I Wear Purple On Spirit Day


Today, October 17th, 2013 is Spirit Day, a day to stand up against bullying and show your love & support for the LGBT community. Supporters of the cause are encouraged to “go purple” — by both wearing purple clothing and/or by adding a purple filter to your Twitter or Facebook pictures. Not sure how wearing purple is going to help LGBT youths or make any difference in the world? Check out my newest article Why I Wear Purple On Spirit Day, featured on both Thought Catalog and as an op-ed on The Advocate.

Happy Spirit Day, everyone! Stay strong!   

Introducing “Sad, But Funny” (a new collection on Medium)

mediumI recently starting posting more of my writing on a website called Medium, whose tagline is: “a better place to read and write things that matter.” On Medium, writers publish their stories in a variety of overarching “collections” and I’ve decided to create my own, a column entitled Sad, But Funny.

Sad, But Funny is a place for writers to share stories which might not be inspiring, glamorous, or noteworthy, but are hilariously relatable in their witty recounting of the mundane. The topics may range greatly in scope (from awkward interactions with coworkers or family members, to frustrating experiences at the grocery store or gym, to managing our worst habits and most sarcastic thoughts), but the goal is always to get the reader to silently admit that he/she has “definitely been there,” and to earn a laugh, or a smile.

It’s the kind of humor I personally enjoy reading, and often find myself writing (or at least, trying to write). I’ve already posted a few stories in the collection, but now I’d like to invite you to contribute too!

If you want your sad-but-funny story included in the collection, please send an email to wesjanisen[at]gmail.com and I’ll make sure you get an invite. Please note: Medium connects to your Twitter account to create your writer profile, so if you don’t already have a Twitter page, go make one!

And while you’re brainstorming for your own articles, check out some of the posts below. They’re by different writers from all over the internet, but they’re some of my favorite reads, and they would jive well in the Sad, But Funny collection:


Happy reading & writing, and I hope to hear from you soon!