What David Sedaris’ Fisting Joke Teaches Us About Art

david-sedaris-croppedA lot longer ago than I’d like to admit (I *really* need to start writing about things in a more timely manner!), I had the opportunity to hear best-selling author and acclaimed humorist David Sedaris speak, and he told us a pretty foul joke involving a grandma, a grandpa, and anal fisting. This might seem strange to some (ok, probably to most), but I found myself very inspired by the joke, as well as by the story surrounding it. Now, I’ve finally written about it for Thought Catalog, here.

All of My Dieting Attempts Are Doomed

dieting donut

At BCG, fourteen coworkers and I started a “Biggest Loser” challenge last Friday – the competition goes right up against our company retreat in LA this June, and the winner gets $200 dollars in addition to getting to show off their fit new body by the pool at the resort. Not even a week in though, and I’m already struggling. Hence, my latest for HuffPost Comedy: All of My Dieting Attempts Are Doomed.