A 20-Something’s Letter to Santa


Nothing puts such a strong spotlight on the aging process quite like the holidays. Over are the days of asking for toys and games, replaced instead by the basic necessities you haven’t quite figured out how to buy for yourself like a real adult would. “A 20-Something’s Letter to Santa” is a satirical open letter to Santa Claus concerning our generation’s shifting needs this holiday season — and it’s up here on Huffpost Comedy.

Confessions of an “Old” Virgin


Once upon a time, I was a 23-year-old virgin. Now, I know that’s not insanely old, I don’t have anything on that 40-year-old virgin they made the movie about, but it *is* older than most people. According to a sex survey conducted by ABC, only 3% of Americans over the age of 22 are still chaste, and everyone knows that when you’re suffering through extra years of virginity you multiply those years by seven (as in dog-years), so actually I was, like, a 52-year-old virgin, so that movie should have really been made about me.

I shed some light and make some confessions about what life was like as an ‘Old Virgin’ in my latest article for Huffington Post Gay Voices. And of course you can check out more confessions from me in my e-book, “I Swear I’ll Be Good At It!,” here. And if you’re not much for reading, you can now download the audiobook version on Audible for your listening pleasure! Check out the sample below: 

“I Swear I’ll Be Good At It!” (Audiobook Edition) Is Out Today!

audibleinstaAudible bought the rights to my first e-book & I’m very excited to share that the audiobook edition of “I Swear I’ll Be Good At It!” is out today! So, if you ever wanted to hear *someone else* tell you funny stories about my formerly non-existent sex life, NOW YOU CAN! (Blood relatives & current boyfriend, please disregard this post, there’s nothing you need to listen to here.)

Huge thanks to my narrator Jed Drummond and the entire Audible team! You’re all incredible!

What David Sedaris’ Fisting Joke Teaches Us About Art

david-sedaris-croppedA lot longer ago than I’d like to admit (I *really* need to start writing about things in a more timely manner!), I had the opportunity to hear best-selling author and acclaimed humorist David Sedaris speak, and he told us a pretty foul joke involving a grandma, a grandpa, and anal fisting. This might seem strange to some (ok, probably to most), but I found myself very inspired by the joke, as well as by the story surrounding it. Now, I’ve finally written about it for Thought Catalog, here.

All of My Dieting Attempts Are Doomed

dieting donut

At BCG, fourteen coworkers and I started a “Biggest Loser” challenge last Friday – the competition goes right up against our company retreat in LA this June, and the winner gets $200 dollars in addition to getting to show off their fit new body by the pool at the resort. Not even a week in though, and I’m already struggling. Hence, my latest for HuffPost Comedy: All of My Dieting Attempts Are Doomed.