5 Things To Remember When It Feels Like Your Job Hunt Will Never End

Exhausted-Job-Seeker-Blog-HeaderMost people have heard the adage “job-hunting is a full-time job,” but what often goes unsaid is that it’s pretty much the worst full-time job. It’s tedious, you have to work weekends, there are no happy hours with coworkers, and to top it all off, it doesn’t even pay the bills (well, at least not right away). So if you’ve been searching for months and are nowhere near landing your dream job, it’s understandable that you sometimes feel like you want to throw up your hands, open a bottle of wine, and call it quits. But before you start looking for sturdy cardboard boxes to live in, try first to remember these 5 important things, here on Thought Catalog.

How to Answer the Most Boring Interview Questions With the Most Interesting Answers

shutterstock_124086634If you’ve gone on several job interviews in a row, you might feel like you’re getting asked the same boring questions over and over… but that doesn’t mean you get to give boring answers. My newest blog post for Fundamentum tells you how to keep your interviewer interested and engaged, even if for you it feels like Groundhog’s Day.

Update: This article is now also featured in the business section of the Huffington Post.

5 Ways to Avoid a Social Media Nightmare

drunkpicsAs someone who has written fairly extensively about his sexual mishaps, drunken adventures, and generally poor life decisions (all of which can be found by a quick googling of my name), I have often worried about what a prospective employer for a “real job” might think if they found it… but at least I’m not as big of a mess as the social media morons pictured here. In my newest post for Fundamentum, I give you all the tips you’ll need for burying the digital evidence of your college-shame, and help you to cultivate an online persona that will have potential employers trying to hire you left and right.

Scandal’s Olivia Pope Shares Her Post-College Resume


I know it’s hard to focus on writing a resume and applying for jobs when you could be marathoning “Scandal” on Netflix instead. Luckily for you, job hunting and dramatic television combine in my blog post for Fundamentum this week, as I imagine what Olivia Pope’s post-college resume might have looked like.